In Denmark you may kiss on a bus - From Syria to Denmark

In Denmark you’re permitted to kiss on a bus, but you’re not allowed to talk to a stranger. That’s one of the things Depp Mattock have found out since arriving in Denmark two years ago, fleeing civil war in Syria. This is Depp’s story about struggling with issues such as language, the reclusiveness of the Danes and the mystery of how to court Danish women, originally published by Information on March 15th 2017 (

By Depp Mattock

I have rewritten my will again. I rewrite my will at every new siege, at every sniper attack, every mortar attack. Boomboomboom. I lose my breath.

I was at school, and I was as happy as any child. I had a girlfriend like every other teenager. I got fed up studying at the university, just as many of my friends. I love to travel, to swim, and I have been fortunate enough to see the sea a number of times.