What is The Alternative?

The Alternative is a generous, action-oriented international party with a special focus on serious sustainable transition, a new political culture and the entrepreneurial creative power of society and individuals. A party which has the courage to imagine a radically different future.

The Alternative is more than a party. It is also a political movement and a cultural voice. Together, we want to work to rediscover a dynamic balance between ourselves and the planet we live on. That demands that we have the courage to challenge the current concept of growth and the economic order which prevails globally.

The Alternative as a party will prioritise the development of serious transition scenarios – environmentally, economically, socially and culturally – so that the ambition for a sustainable society is neither perceived as either a threat against individual freedom nor as a society standing still and lacking in dynamics. Instead, The Alternative should be perceived as a vital political vision which guarantees that our children and grandchildren will be born into a better world than the one we ourselves were born into. Where we increase the quality of life for the individual at the same time as reducing our consumption of the planet’s limited resources.

The Alternative has been started in Denmark and has strong cultural and political connections to the other Nordic countries. This is where we are based from a legal point of view. But anyone in the world can be part of the party and the political movement which The Alternative is. And the knowledge and political strategies which will be produced by The Alternative on an ongoing basis will of course be made available for anyone who wants to work with democratic dialogue and sustainable development.

The Alternative will therefore have as one of its first tasks the creation of a socially open, diverse and network-based online platform where knowledge, contacts and alternative political role model examples can be shared and further developed between every part of the world, every country, every city and every classic ideological division. Alongside the creation of the online platform, a corresponding physical platform will also be established.

Finally, it is important for The Alternative to emphasise the significance of culture and art and their role in the development of other life values and life strategies than material consumption and financial wealth. So a strong cultural and artistic vein will run through all The Alternative’s political proposals, events and actions which will help to create nerve, dynamics and a feeling of freedom in everything we say, do and recommend.