The Alternative is a generous, action-oriented international party. Therefore, our visions reach far beyond Denmark’s borders, and in 2016, the Alternative initiated a party-to-party project in Nepal through the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD). DIDP supports party-to-party projects between Danish political parties and partners in developing countries.

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About Join the Party

In November 2015, former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai announced that he would create a new political party. The name of the party is Naya Shakti.

The party does not adhere to a specific political ideology. Instead the party claims to be committed to translate core values of democracy such as internal party democracy, transparency, and accountability into practice in order to realize the mission of changing the political culture in Nepal.

The party aims to engage youth, women, and other excluded communities into politics. By supporting the establishment and development of the party (and this vision), this project contributes to the democratic development of Nepal.

Therefore, the overall and long-term objective of the project is to contribute to the development of Nepal’s democracy through support of the capabilities of the new political party Naya Shakti.

Since the project period is only 1 year, we consider the project as the pilot phase for a long-term partnership and a long-term objective about changing the development of Nepal’s democracy.

The objective of the pilot phase is to design and establish means and methods of communication that involves youth, women and minorities and create transparent access to decision making within the party.

In order to achieve the objective we share the knowledge and experience from the communication strategies that has been a key component in the success of The Alternative.

We primarily focus on social media, movies, and the narrative of the party. Furthermore, we focus on how to debate, how to embrace your opponent when being politically attacked, and how a party can change parts of a political culture by turning the communication ”upside down” and being the example the party preaches.

Since the scope of the project is limited to 1 year, we have chosen to work with an isolated focus on communication.  That is because we believe that means of communication reflects one of the greatest impacts on the success of The Alternative. We sincerely hope that we will be able to continue the partnership after the pilot phase and engage in a systematic long-term development of ideas, sharing of knowledge and capacity building based on the experience of alternative ways of thinking and doing politics.

The meaning of the name Naya Shakti is a combination of new energy, new movement, and new alternative. In many ways that is also the narrative of the Alternative’s position in modern Danish politics.

We see many similarities between our two parties. We believe that a majority of our ways of thinking and executing communication can be translated and adapted to the Nepali contexts.

Activities in Nepal and Denmark

We have chosen to work with training of trainers (ToT) activities. The Alternative facilitate trainings, seminars and workshops in Nepal throughout the project period.

The first training was conducted in March 2016. The training was focused on the establishment and launch of an alternative party that works as a platform for various alternative organisation and campaigning.

The second training was conducted in October 2016. The training had a specific focus on social media. The training was based on the Alternatives’ experiences with establishing the alternative news media ‘Altivisten’ (

The result of the second training was the origin of an alternative Think-Act-Listen tank called Progressive World ( The objective with Progressive World is to initiate dialogue and share ideas across the civil society in Nepal, organisations and Naya Shakti.

The third training is conducted in February  2017.

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