1. Denmark, the best country for the world

The 21st century is the environment’s, entrepreneur’s and community’s century.

It calls on the individual’s creative power, the community’s thoughtfulness and sense of solidarity, and a common recognition of the need for fundamental change. We will work to ensure that Denmark is not just the best country in the world, but the best country for the world. This is The Alternative’s political ambition.

We know that these are big words, and we know that the challenges we face are both massive and complex. Therefore, our ambition requires courage, determination, ingenuity and entrepreneurial force. The time for stop-gap measures is over. Minor adjustments and the treatment of symptoms are no longer enough. What we need instead are new forms of cooperation, new decision-making processes and a new approach to the allocation of global resources, where economic growth and material consumption are no longer the goal of everything. The Alternative is therefore seeking to redefine the established perception of welfare and value.

1.1. A sustainable society

In The Alternative, we work every day to create a sustainable society. The world needs nations who take sustainable transition seriously and show the way to a vibrant, creative and inclusive society. This is the society of the future, and our ambition is to create a Denmark who dares to take the lead in that direction.

Sustainability is about being wise. It is about long-term thinking and taking responsibility through action. It is about respect and cooperation between people and nature, as well as amongst people. The Alternative fundamentally believes that a sustainable society is a considerate society that does not prey on either animals, the environment or people.

A sustainable society is about finding balance. It is the balance between our consumption of natural resources and nature’s ability to restore itself, the balance between the community and the individual, and the balance between trust and control.

1.2. A society characterized by environmental sustainability

In The Alternative, we want a serious environmental transition in which sustainability is paramount. The current growth ideology leads us directly beyond the environmental edge. We have to deal with a new reality where the depletion of natural resources is no longer negotiable.

In Denmark, we have great technological competence and experience in developing quality products, alternative energy, eco-efficient housing and energy saving measures, but this potential is not exhausted.

We must become much better and more daring, and set even higher ambitions.

The Alternative wishes to further develop Denmark in a direction where protecting the environment is essential. We will prioritize the maintenance of nature’s dynamic balance, and we are willing to organize the socio-economic model accordingly.

Technology and efficiency alone can not solve our problems. The current situation requires an evolution towards a different form of organization and the rethinking of basic elements of our society. The Alternative will fight for this transition, and we are ready to take the necessary political responsibility in order to do so.

1.3. A society characterized by social sustainability

We live in a diverse society. Fortunately, people come in all variations and we possess a variety of talents. The Alternative sees this as a basic strength.

Unfortunately, we have developed an all too clear-cut picture of right and wrong. Contemporary society is characterized by an entrenched idea of how we should live our lives. We have fostered a society where more and more people feel uncomfortable, maladjusted and left behind. The Alternative does not want such a society. In The Alternative, we believe in people. We believe in the good in all of us, and we want a society based on trust rather than social control. We salute active citizenship, entrepreneurship and diversity. We believe that people are at their best when they are motivated, engaged, and have the opportunity to develop their talents and make a difference without having to compromise who they are. Different people want different lives, and we will create a society that responds to this diversity. We believe that social inventiveness, dynamism and democracy are key to achieving a society in which people thrive.

The Alternative recognizes that not everyone has the same opportunities in life, and we will work hard to change this. Our goal is that everyone should be able to achieve a good life, where they experience justice, enjoyment, engagement and meaning in everyday life. The Alternative believes, namely, that human well-being is fundamental for a socially sustainable society.

We will work to ensure that Denmark is the most equal country in the world. The vision is about economic distribution, but also about working against marginalization, discrimination and social injustice.

The Alternative believes that all people should have equal opportunities for participation and expression, freedom and security, development and meaningfulness. Flexibility is a key word. We will work to ensure that Danish society is characterized by a greater orientation towards presence and flexibility in both private and professional life.

The ambition is a society that emphasizes the individual regardless of orientation or experience. The Alternative believes in a balance between the individual and the community, where concepts such as proximity, empathy and community do not stand in the way of individual development opportunities.

1.4. A society characterized by economic sustainability

It is high time that we place the current economic model under scrutiny. It is necessary that we have the courage to ask ourselves this question: Who and what should the economy benefit?

We want an ecological economy where the concept of growth is redefined. We will work for a well-functioning, stable and dynamic economic system that is subject to environmental conditions and human needs. It is an economic system that limits greed and barren speculation, and instead increases sustainable investment and economic equality. Such an economy will require a new way of economic thinking, where value creation, production and consumption are no longer conceived of, and conducted in isolation and in the short term.

Our economic system must instead work for long term value creation and a corporate culture that works in responsible cohesion with both the environment and local communities. In this economy, companies will not only be measured by the bottom line, but by all three aspects of sustainability – the economic, the social and the environmental.

This can be achieved if we dare to change the conditions that currently make it possible for a few to achieve an exorbitant amount of wealth at the expense of the community. The Alternative dares to do this. We will work hard to change the economic structures so that it is attractive for both businesses and consumers to adopt economically sustainable choices.

1.5. Time for new social forms

Sustainability is a central and common challenge for all citizens, businesses, public organizations and political parties. It requires broad cooperation between unequal partners and forces. If we are to achieve sustainability, we need everyone on board. Today, it is obvious that private companies alone can not solve the challenges facing the world, but that it also requires public authorities and the voluntary sector.

Therefore, we need to work together across the three classic sectors of society, while supporting the development of a new fourth sector of society.

The fourth sector of society is characterized by enterprises, institutions and organizations that combine the best of the private, public and voluntary sectors:

  • Economic thinking and understanding of customers from the private sector
  • Focus on the common good from the public sector
  • Diversity and purpose-driven organizational culture from the voluntary sector

The Alternative believes that Denmark must take the lead in developing this new fourth sector of society that has the same community development potential as the cooperative movement 150 years ago. We have done it before and we can do it again.