What is your solution?

The Altivist is a media-platform focused on solutions and actions. All posts should answer one of the three questions that the media-platform poses.  The Altivist is guided by the mantra ”small answers for comprehensive question”, and we welcome any contributions that are willing to communicate from this vantage point. We are a team of editors, and we are more than happy to assist you with both the content and the layout of your desired posts. We have made a few simple guidelines in order to make it easy and accessible to become a writer or a contributor:

  • Choose one of the following questions which you want to propose a solution to:
  1. How can we live sustainably?
  2. How can we develop our democracy?
  3. How can we help create “the good life”?
  •  Create a post

Posts can be either within the genre of written contributions, podcasts, videos or art works. Every post must contain a headline, the name of the contributor, you occupation and the city which you are from.

  • Formulate your answer within 100 characters

Create a summary of your answer with a maximum of 100 characters (with spaces). This text will be used as the posts subheading and will be the text used to post to social media.

  •  Encourage action

The end of your post should state next steps and formulate actions to follow in order to realize your idea. As you conclude your piece, you should always encourage people to take action. Therefore, formulate and carefully describe how three specific acts can and should accompany the solution that you pose.

The purpose of all contributions is to present three actions to the readers, listeners and viewers. The three calls to action shall introduce different options that involve different levels of engagement and commitment. The first action should be easy, straightforward and immediate to commence. As a guideline, think of something that can be done in 1-5 minutes. The second action takes a bit longer to carry out. Suggest an action that takes about one week to contribute to or participate in. The third, and last, action should contain a suggestion towards a long-term engagement and solution. This is an action that can become a routine, a life style change and a long-term engagement in a certain cause or activity.


We are looking forward to read, listen to or watch your contributions. Contributions that can help create a more democratic, healthy and sustainable world. Not all ideas and solutions can, or should, follow a specific framework. For that reason we have created different frameworks for how you can contribute to the Altivist.

Written submissions

  • The short post: content with a maximum of 140 words
  • The medium long post: content with a maximum of 500 words
  • The long post: content with a maximum of 1000 words
  • A Trilogy: 1-2-3 post with a maximum of 500 words each
  • The Wildcard: Anything goes

Styles of writing

At The Altivist you can participate and contribute within different genres of the written language. You are welcome to explore the classic genres within journalism. These, amongst others, include commentary, interview or a feature article. We also welcome creative and fictional writing, as long as it contains calls to action. This could be a fairy tale, poems, lyrics to a rap song, spoken words or a short story.

Video and podcasts:

  • The short sequence – less than 5 minutes
  • The medium long sequence – less than 15 minutes
  • The long sequence – less than 30 minutes
  • A Trilogy – 1-2-3 sequences of sound and video at a maximum of 10 minutes a piece.
  • The Wildcard – You decide, anything goes

Art pieces:

The beauty of art lies in its’ ability to break with conventions and pre-defined formats. We believe this is essential. The Altivist wishes to show the world that it is possible to play with different genres and create fantastic and mind-blowing pieces of art. It is still crucial that the art work highlights how we can create solutions to the questions we have defined. It could however that on many shapes. A poem, a painting, a comic strip or a …?


Information regarding submitting and writing for The Altivist

First of, we are really delighted that you would like to contribute and be part of the team. Here are a few important points that need mentioning before you begin:

  1. Please inform us if your text, video or podcast are to be, or have been, published in another media.
  2. Upon receiving your contribution, The Altivist holds the right to edit the post with focus on proof reading and concerns regarding how well the text can be understood or is communicated.
  3. We contact you within 20 days upon receiving your submission in order to inform you about the publication date.

You are welcome to contact us at any time – both before and after you have sent your submission. We are happy to answer all of your questions. And one last thing: you can always contact us if you regret sending a submission. In that case, we will make sure to cancel the publication or to remove your contribution from the webpage.