THE ALTIVIST IS A JOURNALISTIC HOPE of a new constructive role for the media, where politicians, journalists and citizens find solutions and answers in cooperation and community.

THE ALTIVIST IS A YEARNING for action-oriented journalism with the intent of comprehending the complexity of connections and correlations in our society. It is an aspiration towards new realities.

THE ALTIVIST IS A SHOUT OUT for a clear break with the current state of the culture of journalism that too often is focused and fixated on controversy.

THE ALTIVIST IS ABOUT POSTIVE COUNTERMEASURES that call for co-creation and inspires citizenship.

THE ALTIVIST IS ABOUT COLLABORATION between journalists, politicians and citizens that aim to support a sustainable transition and a new political media culture.

THE ALTIVIST IS ABOUT EXPERIMENTING with our formats, processes and content. It is open to new solutions and suggestions that meet the challenges and needs of tomorrow/the future.

THE ALTIVIST IS THE COURAGE to identify problems and potentials as they play out. It is also the courage to act and influence the future that we are all a part of.

THE ALTIVIST HAS A LOCAL AND A GLOBAL OUTLOOK that embarks on adventures into the unknown, in order to propose solutions to both local and global challenges.   

THE ALTIVIST IS FOR YOU who can tell that something new has been set in motion, and who can feel that a new political media culture is starting to replace the old. It is for you who believe that – together – people are capable of finding the simple and small answers to the big questions that surround us. This is the Altivist.