“An inhumane act of terrible timing,” says the political head of the Alternative, Uffe Elbaek, about the Danish government’s choice to run an ad campaign deterring refugees from coming to Denmark. The ad campaign is currently running in several Middle Eastern newspapers and has been condemned by many Danish and international voices. One of these is Uffe Elbaek, the outspoken political head of Denmark’s green political party, The Alternative.

“Taking out such an advertisement in a time where the entire world should stand together in an effort to help the millions of people fleeing war, hunger and drought is the exact opposite of what is needed, and it casts a dark shadow on all of Denmark,” says Uffe Elbaek and continues:

“At this very moment, approximately 350.000 Syrian refugees have reached Europe. Another four million have fled to Syria’s neighboring countries and 7.6 million are internally displaced in Syria. Beyond these are the many people who are fleeing from conflicts in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia, Nigeria, and so on. The humanitarian catastrophe is devastating and calls for immediate humanitarian support – not inhumane and shortsighted ad campaigns,” says Uffe Elbaek.

His lambasting of the ad campaign paid for and run by the Danish government comes shortly after the President of the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker, gave his state of the union speech at the European Parliament where Mr. Juncker said the time was neither for fear nor for building fences and walls. A statement to which Mr. Elbaek gives his support:

“Fear is not only tearing Denmark apart, but it is tearing Europe apart. Fear is not part of the European soul, but bravery is. Let us be brave in tackling these great challenges. Let all of Europe stand together and stand fast on solving the crisis together,” he said giving his full support to the plan outlined by Mr. Juncker.

As part of the opposition, Uffe Elbaek can only wish and press for The Danish government to support the plan outlined by Mr. Juncker:

“I fear the Danish government may claim that Denmark cannot afford to help, but nothing would be further from the truth. Danish society has never been wealthier, and when it comes to us waging war, no-one in the Danish Parliament, ever asks where the money should come from. Of course, of course, of course we can and must respond to this terrible, international, humanitarian crisis. It is our responsibility,” ends Uffe Elbaek.



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